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FRS TRANSPORTATION INC. MC# 1486861 has been reported to our office for non-payment.

FRS TRANSPORTATION INC. MC# 1486861 is out of New York, NY with DOT# 3975476 and Phone # (646) 980-4617.

If you have hauled a load for FRS TRANSPORTATION INC. MC# 1486861 and they still owe you, contact All Pro Group IMMEDIATELY at (662) 272-1454 or email

Our office works exclusively with legit carriers to ensure they are compensated for loads that they have hauled.

We understand the financial strain caused by unpaid invoices by brokers such as FRS TRANSPORTATION INC. MC# 1486861. That's why we work strictly on a contingency basis. You only pay us when we successfully collect the outstanding amount, saving you from upfront costs and providing the assurance of our commitment to your success.

All Pro Group also offers FREE research for any broker that you may be hesitant about taking a load from. Just think, if you had called or emailed us before about FRS TRANSPORTATION INC. MC# 1486861, we could have possibly helped you from taking this load.

If you would like to get these blog alerts as soon as we post them, let me know at and I will add you to our subscribe list.

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